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  • Payroll Service
  • Multiple User
  • Multi-currency
  • Card Payment
  • Bank Transfer
Make payment to your workers
  • Payroll Service
  • Multiple User
  • Multi-currency
  • Card Payment
  • Bank Transfer

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Involancer, you can bill business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) customers and get paid for services without registering a company. 
 Involancer provides you:  
  -a business bank account (IBAN) for receive money
  -an tool to make and send invoices that comply with VAT
  -a payment service provider, like Stripe, Wise and etc.

Involancer is charged between 4% and 5% of all payments going out, plus a transfer fee of 1%. Outgoing payments include payments for business costs and payments to the user's personal bank account.
 Also, when you accept card payments, you have to pay an extra 2% processing fee.
 Pay-as-you-go is how Involancer works. There are no setup, monthly subscription, or closing fees.

Including dropshipping, the sale of physical goods.
Also, you can't sell through Amazon FBA.

Sales of digital goods.

Services that are sold online (incl. hosting).

Using cryptocurrencies to make business deals.

Sales of licensed professional services like legal, tax, or financial advisory services.

Services that depend on where they are, like any kind of live Performance that takes place on-site.

Being paid royalties.

You can avoid paying transfer fees by opening a Wise account. Simply enter the IBAN that Wise gives you into the system.

Making and designing software

Structure of a brand (incl. creating logos, slogans etc.)

Couching games

Live webinars

Making and planning for content

Photography or other content made just for you and sent in digital form

Services for translating

Courses for education or work where the information is given by a person in real time over the internet or another electronic network (vs pre-recorded content).

Similar activities

Yes, people who make money have to report it to the government in the country where they live.

Just press the withdraw money button and your money will be sent to your account within two working days.

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